What Do You Care About?

Hi, I'm Samy, the founder of Growth Notes.

And as you can probably tell I love nature + books.

It is my suspicion that as the world becomes more technologically advanced, we will become more emotionally illiterate and scatter brained, unable to express or feel our deepest feelings about ourselves and the world.

This will be further compounded by a life that will become and busier.

Before we realize it, years would have flown by, without us taking a moment to pause and reflect on who we really are and who we're becoming.

And whether we're genuinely living meaningful lives, unperturbed by the ever-expanding pseudo-urgent, conglomeration of low-value information that's easily accessible right from our fingertips.

I care about doing my part in preventing that from happening.

Can You Tell Me a Cool Life Story?

In 1997, I was seven years old when I drew the women of my dreams.

If you haven't noticed, she's right behind me. Unfortunately, none of the girls besides me matched her so I didn't hold hands with either of them.

In any case, I was more interested in watching cartoons.

One morning,  Spiderman wasn't on TV at the usual time - so I started watching a movie instead. It was about a young teenager. He wasn't doing so well. He was being picked on. His grades weren't so great.

In one scene, while he was at school on a computer browsing through some research, he heard a circuit make a noise. It got his attention so he reached down. And right then, an electrical current just zapped right through him, dropping him cold to the floor.

When he woke up later, he was different. He had a new way of looking at the world. He could quickly articulate whatever he needed to. He could envision what he was never able to before. His ability to make the right decisions improved.

Finally, he started taking ownership of his life.

That movie scene subconsciously, slowly influenced me. I began to see reading as a possible shortcut to growth. I've been in love with libraries ever since. And today, living a life that's meaningful has become my biggest passion.

What Kind Of Person Were You Before You Started Reading and Working on Yourself?

I went and slinged myself from A to B as:

  • A Smartphone and Social Media Addict who used to spend hours wasting time on his phone each week to someone who now uses his phone more intentionally.

  • Someone who was resentful towards his parents and step-parents to someone who eventually mustered the willingness to forgive.

  • Someone who was unproductive, unfocused, and unaware – who didn't know what he wanted out of life – who now is more clear on the direction he's moving in.

  • A guy who was more isolated than he'd like to be, with few meaningful friendships, to someone who now has a circle of genuine friends.

Life is never static, so sometimes I like to swing slightly back from B to A. And then I promptly remind myself to get back to the A point.

What's Been the Most Impactful Book Passage In Your Life?

"You move by trial and error. This is how you pass your twenties. You are the programmer of this wide-ranging apprenticeship, within the loose constraints of your personal interests.

You are not wandering about because you are afraid of commitment, but because you are expanding your skill base and your possibilities.

At a certain point, when you are ready to settle on something, ideas and opportunities will inevitably present themselves to you. When that happens, all of the skills you have accumulated will prove invaluable. You will be a master at combining them in ways that are unique and suited to your individuality” – Robert Greene.

At the age of 22, that passage changed my perspective and set me on a path of experimentation. Today, the site you're on is a result of countless experiments. And it's through multiple trials that I was able to realize that being a writer works well with my strengths.

Can I Find you On Social Media?

If you want updates from my work follow my page on Facebook. If you want to catch some of my eccentric moments in story form, Instagram's the place (although I have the habit of deactivating it sometimes). And the rest goes without saying.

Any Parting Words?

I appreciate all the support running Growth Notes. It's a education service priced at $7/Month that's guaranteed to make a positive difference in your life (or your money back).

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