What Do You Care About?

Hi, I'm Samy, the founder of Growth Notes. I believe it's more important to appreciate each day than to live to be successful. Everything that we want to improve on the outer level, can only change if we look inside of ourselves first. Forbearance is important because we both have lived long enough to know that challenges always arise. Instead of fighting them, we can slowly grow to endure them. After all, they always have something to teach us.

I see reading as an act of nourishment and writing as a form of self-therapy. By writing about some of the lessons I've learned and researching the appropriate books, I reemphasize powerful ideas and philosophies for my benefit. It's only by doing this first that anything I write can end up coming across as meaningful to you, the reader. Because me and you, on some part are just the same.
Can You Tell Me a Cool Life Story?

In 1997, I was a seven-year-old kid in love with Spiderman. On one late morning, to my dismay, my favorite cartoon character wasn't on TV. So, I flicked through the channels and started watching a movie about a young teenager in college who wasn't doing so well in life. He was being picked on and always felt like things weren't going to plan.

The kid would spend his free time at his school's research facility, studying and browsing through information on the computer's encyclopedia. In one scene, while he was exploring some incredibly powerful research, he heard a circuit make a noise.

He reached down to the bottom of the power supply to see what was wrong - an electrical current zapped right through him. And he instataneously dropped cold to the floor.

When he woke up soon after, he was far from the same. Wherever he went, he now had an overlay of wisdom. He could say exactly what he needed to say. He could see what others couldn’t. His ability to make the right decisions radically improved. More importantly, he started taking ownership of his life.

Looking back, I believe that this movie scene subconsciously influenced me. Slowly, I began to see learning and applying quality information in innovative ways - as a possible 'electrical shortcut' to personal growth. Today, living a life that's meaningful and intentional is my biggest passion.
What Kind Of Person Were You Before You Started Reading and Working on Yourself?

I went and sligned myself from A to B as:

  • A Smartphone and Social Media Addict who used to spend hours wasting time  on his phone each week to someone who now use his phone intentionally.

  • Someone who was resentful towards his parents and step-parents to someone who eventually mustered the willingness to forgive.

  • Someone who was unproductive, unfocused, and unaware – who didn't know what he wanted out of life – who now is clear on the direction he's moving in.

  • A guy who was more isolated than he'd like to be, with few meaningful friendships, to someone who now has a circle of genuine friends.
What's Been the Most Impactful Book Passage In Your Life?

"You avoid the trap of following one set career path. You are not sure where this will all lead, but you are taking full advantage of the openness of information, all the knowledge about skills now at your disposal. You see what kind of work suits you and what you want to avoid at all costs. You move by trial and error. This is how you pass your twenties.

You are the programmer of this wide-ranging apprenticeship, within the loose constraints of your personal interests. You are not wandering about because you are afraid of commitment, but because you are expanding your skill base and your possibilities.

At a certain point, when you are ready to settle on something, ideas and opportunities will inevitably present themselves to you. When that happens, all of the skills you have accumulated will prove invaluable. You will be the Master at combining them in ways that are unique and suited to your individuality.” – Robert Greene.

At the age of 22, that passage changed my perspective and set me on a path of experimentation. And that's a real-life case study for how the right knowledge at the right time, can positively influence someone's life forever.