What's Been the Most Impactful Book Passage In Your Life?

"You move by trial and error. This is how you pass your twenties. You are the programmer of this wide-ranging apprenticeship, within the loose constraints of your personal interests.

You are not wandering about because you are afraid of commitment, but because you are expanding your skill base and your possibilities.

At a certain point, when you are ready to settle on something, ideas and opportunities will inevitably present themselves to you. When that happens, all of the skills you have accumulated will prove invaluable. You will be a master at combining them in ways that are unique and suited to your individuality” – Robert Greene.

At the age of 22, that passage changed my perspective and set me on a path of experimentation. Today, the site you're on is a result of countless experiments. 

Can I Find you On Social Media?

If you want updates from my work follow my page on Facebook. If you want to catch some of my eccentric moments in story form, Instagram's the place (although I have the habit of deactivating it sometimes). And the rest goes without saying.

Any Parting Words?

I appreciate all the support running Growth Notes. It's a education service priced at $4.99/Month that's guaranteed to make a positive difference in your life (or your money back).

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