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Book notes, but not your conventional kind. Each Growth Note is designed to extract every key gem of wisdom - so that you can quickly apply the best takeaways. Soon, you'll be on your way to mastery quicker than you'd thought possible.

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The Problems We Share

Self-development books can offer you perspectives that allow you to make powerful changes in your life. But there’s a problem: in our busy schedules, we don't always have the time to read them. Picking the best books can be difficult. How can you even consistently apply the lessons from what you do end up reading?

With Growth Notes, all those problems are solved. Imagine the value of being able to deeply learn key information relevant to improving your life, without having to spend hours reading and re-reading. With more efficiency and ease than ever before, you'd be able to power your life's journey.
What You Will Have Access to

For every book in the Growth Notes library, you'll have access to a two-to-free-page guide that pinpoints the most valuable behaviors worth implementing. You'll also find the most impactful passages and a rating out of ten to help you decide whether a book is worth buying and studying more deeply. In that sense, Growth Notes doubles as a book review service and shortcut to wisdom.

Cognitive science has clearly demonstrated that we forget more than 60% of what we've read in less than a week¹. Within, you'll have access to  the spatial repetition feature which prevents you from forgetting the practical takeaways from any Growth Note². And the library is growing, with new books being added continuously.

Collectively, the above categories holistically connect to arguably form the most important areas in our lives. Each book is only added to the library if it fits in one of the labels - so that you only ever end up reading content that actually helps make a practical difference to the way you live.

How Does the Service Work?

There are three major ways that you can improve your life. Firstly, you can let go of unhealthy behaviors. Secondly, you can pick up new healthy habits that immediately enrich your life. Thirdly, you can make adjustments that may not pay off now but will pay off well in the future. If your life represents a garden, we could liken this whole process to trimming the weeds, then watering your leaves, before planting the seeds.

These practices serve to make the garden of your life thrive. While you can't force a garden to grow at the speed you want, you can create the best possible conditions for growth, trusting nature to take care of the rest. Each Growth Note has been designed with these ideas of change in mind.
What Kind of Impact Will Growth Notes Make on Me?

Our culture can impress upon us the idea will only become good enough when we do something grand with our lives. And so instead of coming from a place of healthy ambition, we can start to pressure ourselves needlessly, as we lose the magic of the present moment. This pulls us away from curiosity and the simplicity that comes with taking small steps.

Instead of endlessly lamenting your inefficiencies, you can change them in a healthy way. You can experience meaning and fulfillment while you slowly improve your life, wherever you're starting from. Growth Notes, through its intuitive learning approach, powers the flame to your life so that positive change can be simple, faster, and easier.
What Makes This Service Different?

Growth Notes isn’t about cramming your head with ideas on doing more.  Everything the service offers is designed to help you take action. Every Growth Note not only provides you with ideas you can start applying but also suggestions on what you can stop doing. Naturally, the service aims to propel you towards real, effective behavioral change.

‘The true [way] lies not in a process of accumulation…but rather in elimination. The idea is to seek the root or common denominator in all things.’ - John Little.

Does This Service Support Any Charities?

Every month, Growth Notes donates five percent of all profits to the Earth Day Network³. The non-profit organization implements nature in urban cities to combat excessive pollution, solve climate change, to end plastic pollution, to protect endangered species, and to broaden, educate, and activate the environmental movement across the globe. In the long-term. we'll be looking for more innovative ways to help drive change and make a difference.

Join now for a Three-Day Trial and experience the countless educational benefits Growth Notes has to offer.

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² How much do people forget:
³ The Earth Day Network: