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You likely believe in growing towards your potential. Each Growth Note is designed to extract every key gem of wisdom - so that you can quickly apply the lessons. You'll be on your way to genuine positive habit change quicker than you'd thought possible.

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The Problems We Share

Books can offer you perspectives that allow you to make powerful changes in your life. But there’s a problem: in our busy schedules, we don't always have the time to read. Picking worthwhile books can be difficult. And if you do end up reading, how can you consistently apply the lessons based on what you've learnt?

With Growth Notes, all those problems are solved. Imagine the value of being able to learn the key takeaways from the best books.  And envision having a system in place to help you remember and apply what you've learnt.

Collectively, the above categories holistically connect to arguably form the most important parts of our lives. Each Growth Note is only added to the library if it can make a clear change in one of these dimensions - so that you only ever end up reading content that makes a difference to the way you live.

What You Will Have Access to

For every book featured, you'll have access to a three-page Growth Note, which turns hours of conventional reading into ten minutes of delight. Each one dives into the most important habits worth implementing based on a book's content.

And with the 'Personal Insights' feature, you'll be able to write creative ideas based on what you've read - turning reading into active, engaged learning.

Spatial Repetition - Revolutionary Learning

Cognitive science has demonstrated that we forget more than 60% of what we've read in less than a week¹. The spatial repetition feature, 'Growth Cycle', prevents you from forgetting the practical takeaways from any Growth Note².

What Makes Growth Notes Different

To nurture your life's journey you can first first let go of and avoid unhealthy behaviors. Afterwards, you can pick up new healthy habits. Lastly, you can take steps that will pay off in the future. Every single Growth Note has been designed with these principles of change in mind, under the theme of nature.

For every book featured, you'll also find the most impactful passages and a rating out of ten to help you decide whether it's worth buying and studying more deeply. In that sense, Growth Notes doubles as a shortcut to wisdom and a book review service, all within a library that's growing with more books each month.

What Kind of Impact Will This Service Make on Me?

Our culture can impress upon us the idea that we will only become good enough when we do something grand with our lives. Instead of coming from a place of healthy ambition, we can start to pressure ourselves needlessly, as we lose the magic of the present moment. Growth Notes, through its heart-centered approach to learning, allows you to focus on what you can control.

‘Big change comes from hundreds of tiny steps and they all matter.'

What Makes Growth Notes Unique

Growth Notes isn’t about cramming your head with ideas.  Everything the service offers is designed to help you make intelligent behavioral adjustments. Every Growth Note not only provides you with steps you can start applying but also suggestions on which behaviors are worth avoiding. After all, it's only through first removing the weeds from your life that you can build a better foundation for growth.

‘The true [way] lies not in a process of accumulation…but rather in elimination. The idea is to seek the root or common denominator in all things.’ - John Little.

How We Support The Planet

Every month, we donate five percent of profits to the Earth Day Network³. The organization implements nature in urban cities to combat excessive pollution. They also aim to help remedy climate change, reduce plastic pollution, protect endangered species - while broadening the environmental movement across the globe.

We all belong to the world just as much the nearest tree. Often, we compartmentalize our lives into small boxes that we view as detached from the world. But we belong, far more than we realize. No one is better than us, and we are not better than anyone. We are merely what we shape ourselves to be, and that's always a choice.

Join now for a Free 3 Day Trial and experience what awaits on the other side.

¹ The Curve of Forgetting: https://uwaterloo.ca/campus-wellness/curve-forgetting
² How much do people forget: http://willthalheimer.typepad.com/files/how-much-do-people-forget-v12-14-2010-2.pdf
³ The Earth Day Network: https://www.earthday.org