Thank You

This is a public declaration of thanks to all the below individuals for everything they've taught me, the changes they've helped me create, and the love we've shared together. I would be remiss if I didn't take the time to mention them.

Friends Who'Ve Helped Me the Most

Ben L - We're able to help each other in a way that's rare. And because we share a lot in common, every conversation feels like a synergistic adventure. Thank you for being a true mirror and a kindred spirit.

Emir A - We share many values and it's easy to have a lot of fun with you even in the midst of working together, and I think that's special. Thank you for supporting me deeply and being generous with your time, it's something I'll never forget.

Phil B - Your understanding of human mechanics is astonishing and you've helped me remember myself. But more than that, it's always a genuine satisfaction to speak about life with you and you've become a role model.

Vi T - You always look for the best in people. You're always encouraging and that's something I've been doing more often because of you. Whenever I have good news, you're a person I want to share it with.

Suzzanee D - Your vulnerability and strength despite what you've gone through is palpable. Thank you for supporting me and being there. Your ability to articulate yourself clearly and courageously is something I value.

People Who've Worked With Me And  Friends Who I Appreciate Deeply


Alice F

Chris P

Gregory P

Julian J

Julien BG

Kaizer B

Keshav Bx

Kevin C

Monica M

Shane H

Siavoush R


Jean Baptiste

Houman H

Hannah G.W

Hannah D


Ollie W

John C

People I've Been Inspired By Online

Eckhart Tolle

Elliot Hulse

Jim Rohn

Steve Pavlina

Many of the people on this list have taught me a tremendous amount, with some helping me change how I live on a daily basis. They are by no means perfect individuals. But I am deeply grateful for their example and wisdom.

To everyone who's ever supported, nourished, and helped me grow.

Thank you.